Charlotte Deane


Professor Charlotte Deane: EPSRC-MRC SABS CDT Programme Co-Director

Charlotte has a wide range of research interests concerning protein structure prediction and protein interaction networks, combining both theoretical work and empirical analyses. Originally a Chemist she has moved across many traditional research disciplines and her research group is now based in Statistics. Charlotte completed her PhD in Cambridge and after a Wellcome trust fellowship in California she returned to Oxford as a University Lecturer in 2002.

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 Garrett Morris


Professor Garrett M. Morris: EPSRC-MRC SABS CDT Programme Co-Director

Garrett's research interests are in methods development in computer-aided drug discovery, chiefly in high throughput docking, ligand-based virtual screening, network pharmacology, cheminformatics, bioinformatics, machine learning, and more recently protein engineering. He began as an Oxford undergraduate Chemist, completing his Part II and DPhil with W. Graham Richards; in 1991 he moved to The Scripps Research Institute, California, to work on protein-ligand docking and AutoDock, and in 2000 launched the first biomedical volunteer computing project, FightAIDS@Home, which helped spawn other biomedical projects with IBM's World Community Grid. He moved back the UK in 2008 to work in the Oxford spinout, InhibOx, doing real-world drug discovery, where he spearheaded the use of cloud computing; and then to Crysalin, another Oxford spinout, to develop novel protein engineering techniques for protein crystallization. He is now an Associate Professor and works closely with Prof. Deane in the Department of Statistics.


 Claire Marks


Dr Claire Marks: EPSRC-MRC SABS CDT Associate Programme Director

Claire is a postdoctoral researcher working on protein flexibility, supervised by Charlotte in the Department of Statistics. She is an ex-SABS student; after beginning her scientific career doing Chemistry at Durham University, she came to Oxford to undertake her DPhil (also with Charlotte). During this time she worked on protein loop structure prediction, with a particular focus on antibody complementarity determining loops.


 Jinwoo Leem


Dr Jinwoo Leem: EPSRC-MRC SABS CDT Associate Programme Director

Jin is a postdoctoral researcher, working on protein flexibility with Prof. Charlotte Deane at the Department of Statistics. A biochemist by training, he read his DPhil at St Anne’s College (also with Charlotte, via SABS), developing computational tools for helping antibody-based drug design.


 Annette Miller


Annette Miller: Programme Administrator, EPSRC-MRC SABS CDT and DTC Finance Coordinator

Annette is responsible for SABS-specific administration (including the project process, industrial relations and monitoring of IP regulations, etc.) and oversees finances across the whole DTC. Prior to joining the DTC in January 2015, she worked in the Graduate Admissions and Funding office for five years.