Advanced Modules (Years 1 – 4)

The modules shown below are those running in the 2017-18 academic year. The CDT is committed to providing broad training across these key areas, but the structure of this training and the teaching personnel involved may change in future years. The course structure allows some flexibility to meet individual needs.

Modelling Physiological SystemsStructural Biology and ChemoinformaticsData-Driven Drug Discovery & Therapy Development
Systems Medicine

Prof Helen Byrne, Prof Ruth Baker, Prof Sarah Waters

Structural Biology

Prof Charlotte Deane

Introduces techniques used to explore macromolecular structure. Topics include: structure determination, visualisation, classification and validation; protein structure prediction and folding; protein-protein, protein-ligand and protein-drug interactions. Includes visit to Diamond and laboratory work at the SGC.
Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics

Prof Jotun Hein

Mathematical Biology

Prof Helen Byrne, Prof Ruth Baker, Prof Sarah Waters

Structure Based Drug Discovery

Prof Garrett Morris

High Performance Computing

Dr Brian Marsden

Cutting-edge techniques for working with large datasets and computational problems in chemistry and systems biology. Topics include the efficient parallelisation of calculations across local large computational clusters; the cost-effective use of cloud computing platforms and strategies for aggregating, managing and mining very large datasets. Areas taught by Roche and UCB.
Biomarker Design and Imaging Application

Prof Veronique Gouverneur and Dr Damian Tyler

This module aims to give students an overview of the different ways to extend the information available from biomedical imaging modalities, including: PET, fluorescence, MRI, ultrasound, through the design and implementation of appropriate intrinsic or extrinsic contrast agents or tracers. The ultimate aim being the creation of biomarkers: sensitive and specific indicators of disease. Visits to the Old Road Campus/Churchill hospital site allows students to discover the various imaging facilities available and a visit to GE Amersham provides a wider context of the use of biomarkers in industrial applications of medical imaging.


Dr Joe Pitt-Francis

C++ programming fundamentals (variables and expressions; input and output; flow of control; pointers and references; arrays; and functions).
Object orientation in C++ (concept of a class; private, public and protected members; constructors; operator and function overloading; templates; and exceptions).
Extra topics on software engineering, debugging and MATLAB Mex functions.